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Malzahar a comparison by HarlandGirl Malzahar a comparison by HarlandGirl
As the past years have gone by I've been working to improve my art skills, especially when it comes to drawing digital image. To create my images I used a first generation iPad and the ArtRage app.

The original image is the one of the right, this I drew back in April 2013 and is over a year old. At the time of drawing it I actually thought it looked alright and was kinda please with it (looking at it now I don't know what I was thinking!) Analysing the image now against my current style the lines are too think, the body proportions aren't right and the shading/highlights too bloated and not shaded together well enough. This image was originally drawn as a bit of a joke as well (hence the red shorts)

To upgrade this drawing I had to nearly start from scratch. I used the original image as a referenced and basically traced over the image but fixing certain areas so that it was more proportioned, especially in the face, arms and feet. Once I was happy with the sketch I added the black lining giving the image a smooth border. I then started to colour using images of Malzahar as a reference to get the colours right.

Overall I'm very happy with how the upgrade turned out, it is WAY better than my original attempt, and I'm proud that I went back and actually made the effort to do the upgrade. It took me just under a week to complete, though overall it probably took about 25-30 hours to do give or take an hour or two. 
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October 11, 2014
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